Our Solutions

Respond effectively to your needs while taking your context into account.

We combine face-to-face or remote modalities simultaneously, which allows for a complete educational scenario.

Individual and collective, synchronous or asynchronous educational activities are enriched by interactions.

Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training modules offering motivating interaction with a professional who is an expert in his field and able to adapt his method according to your level and your development – ​​within your company (intra) or in our LS training center (inter).

Distance learning

Synchronous (mobile, video, virtual classroom) or asynchronous (e-learning) training modules offering great flexibility in the management of learning times (choice of timetable and location).

Hybrid formations

Training modules made up of face-to-face and remote mode activities (synchronous or asynchronous). This multimodal approach allows interactive and dynamic learning sequences.