The community of practice

Connect what you have learned to what you do!

The community of practice allows you to reconcile your learning in interaction (training) and your action (doing); it multiplies the impact of your training tenfold thanks to the continuation of exchanges and sharing among the participants who have followed a common training module.

  • It is a space for exchange between peers aimed at:
  • Find help for the challenges you face in your practice
  • Share and learn from each other
    to create a collective knowledge
  • Share your feedback
  • Deepen your knowledge and develop your skills
  • Encourage innovation
  • Benefits for members:
  • Acquisition and maintenance of their knowledge
  • Improving their professional skills
  • Increased confidence in their own expertise
  • Time savings: optimization of their research time
  • Altruism, feeling useful, advantageous understanding of the visions and ideas of others
  • Personal satisfaction from being part of a group of like-minded people
  • Benefits for organizations:
  • Professionals better equipped to help their colleagues in turn
  • Increase in the speed of transmission of best practices
  • Gain productivity by sharing existing solutions rather than reinventing the wheel for similar cases;
  • Increased problem solving ability
  • Leverage the expertise of more experienced professionals
  • Place for experimenting with a new work tool before wider distribution
  • Dissemination of job offers and relay