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About Us ?

LS is a private vocational training institution, founded in 2019 to promote skills development and access to different levels of professional qualification.
Our training covers two areas in particular: digital technologies and the management training that goes with them.
We offer mixed face-to-face and remote training (hybrid learning) promoting an interactive, agile and effective pedagogy adapted to the needs and expectations of individuals and companies.
Beyond putting learners at the heart of the training system and giving them all the tools necessary for their personal and professional development, LS training is firmly part of a permanent process of continuous improvement.
LS has the ambition to promote the excellence of know-how and know-how by relying on its membership of the NOVATEL Group.
Established in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the NOVATEL Group has quickly become one of the most dynamic providers of ICT solutions.
Anxious to capitalize on the success of its projects, a structure for sharing knowledge of its core business was initiated by the creation of the LS training organization for internal and external purposes.

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