Funding CPF

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A system created to promote training throughout their professional life, the CPF (Personal Training Account) is an individual right that allows everyone to train independently, on or outside their working hours, via the platform.« Moncompteformation ».

Whatever your situation, Learning Studio helps you see things more clearly.

LS respects the CPF’s code of ethics and defends the values ​​of transparency, loyalty and professional ethics, essential to the development of a quality training offer Together, let’s fight against fraud at the CPF by adopting good practices: discover the CDC advice

Why use your CPF?

The training rights acquired under the CPF belong to you and are used to finance qualifying or certifying training, eligible for the CPF, which will allow you to progress in your career, retrain, validate your achievements or have your experience recognized.
Using your CPF allows you to take charge of your professional future by developing your career and your skills.

The CPF concerns:

Who can benefit from the CPF?

The CPF concerns employees and job seekers, from their entry into the labor market (from the age of 16, or 15 under an apprenticeship contract) until their retirement. It is therefore attached to the person throughout their career, whether they change jobs or experience periods of unemployment.

How to use my CPF?

  1 | I choose my training on the application MONCOMPTEFORMATION.
   2 | I am looking for my training in the search engine.
   3 | I choose the modality (in center or remotely) and the location.
   4 | I indicate “LEARNING STUDIO in the “Organization name” filter.
   5 | I register for the session of my choice.
    6 | Depending on my situation, I request a matching contribution (from Pôle Emploi or the employer).
    7 | I am awaiting validation from the training organization (within 48 hours).
    8 | I accept and confirm my registration within a maximum of 4 days.
    9 | I form!

What is the Moncompteformation platform for? ?

  • It references the training courses eligible for the CPF of all training organisations.
  • It centralizes all the steps necessary to use your CPF: accumulation of your individual rights and direct payment from the chosen training organization.
  • It receives matching contributions from Pôle Emploi who wish to participate in the financing of the training of their employees.
  • It receives grants from companies – voluntary or compulsory payments – into the CPF accounts of their employees.

What is the interest of the CPF for companies? 

Since September 3, 2020, companies can fund their employees' CPF accounts directly. This opening of the CPF to companies is possible thanks to the creation of the EDEF (Employers and funders space) and its online procedure “Assign grants”. 

Thanks to this new service, employers can in just a few clicks:

 Participate in the financing of individual training projects, whether it is a defined project or simply to increase the "training budget" of employees to encourage them to train and work on their employer brand. 

Allocate additional rights to all or part of their teams to implement a collective agreement.

 Make allocations linked to regulatory obligations such as the payment of €3,000 in training rights linked to a dismissal governed by a collective performance agreement or the corrective contribution of €3,000 for companies with at least 50 employees who have not fulfilled their obligations related to professional interviews. 

As part of a CPF co-constructed with the company, it is also possible to organize an intra-company format for a group of dedicated trainees. Would you like to know more about the opportunities offered by the opening of the CPF to companies?